I Love Yu-Gi-Oh and Awesomely Bad Pop Songs!

It’s been over a week since I last blogged, and to those of you that read my posts regularly, I sincerely apologize for not writing. I wish I can say I’m having some problems writing new materials or that I’m having writers block, but the truth is I been extremely lazy. I haven’t even been doing things that I normally love either such as working out or playing pickup basketball. This is kind of weird because normally I have the energy and am excited about doing those things. Lately, I just want to sit on my couch and hang out. What I have been doing recently is kind of nerdy and embarrassing. I can’t believe I’m sharing this on my blog, so don’t judge, I’m sure everyone has a guilty pleasure that they want to keep secert.

Anyways, I found out that www.hulu.com has every episode of Yu-Gi-Oh and I been staying up late every night to watch as many episodes as possible. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a good story and in some ways I feel like I’m reliving my younger years by watching a show I use to obsess about. It’s pretty embarrassing to show up for work sleep deprived because of Yu-Gi-Oh and not some respectable reason such as getting drunk or partying. Since I finished watching every episode of Yu-Gi-Oh, I been kind of bummed and trying to get over the fact that the show is over. I believe the same feelings will resurrect when I watch the last Harry Potter movie. Although it wouldn’t be as bad as when I finished the last book, I think I was depressed for a month.

What I been also doing besides watching Yu-Gi-Oh is surfing the internet and listening to awesomely bad pop songs. I don’t know why all of a sudden I developed such an interest, those songs use to annoy the hell out of me, and now I love them? I don’t get it, but check out some of the songs I been jamming to and let me know what you think. Also, share your thoughts on your guilty pleasures as well!

Rednex-Cotton Eye Joe

Bobby Brown-Every Little Step

TLC-No Scrubs

Soul Decision-Faded (I don’t know why I can’t stop listening to this song)

Shaggy-It wasn’t me

NSYNC-Bye Bye Bye


Lorena Bobbit Strikes Again?

On Monday July 11th, Catherine Kieu Becker of Garden Grove, CA, was arrested for allegedly poisoning her estranged husband, tying him to a bed and cutting off his penis with a 10-inch kitchen knife then throwing it in a garbage disposal.

According to Amy Taxin of the Associated Press, “On Monday night, police say Kieu spiked a meal and served it to the victim. The 60-year-old man started to feel sick and went to lie down, then awoke tied to the bed as Kieu attacked him with a 10-inch kitchen knife and then she put the penis down a garbage disposal.”

After the incident, Kieu promptly called 911 to report a medical emergency and told the responding officer that her husband “deserved it.” When officers arrived, they found the 60 year old man tied to the bed and bleeding from the groin area. He was immediately taken to UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange County and underwent emergency surgery. His condition was upgraded to good by the medical staff on Tuesday night.

Becker was arrested right away and faces the charges of aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning and spousal abuse. If convicted on the felony charges of torture and aggravated mayhem, she could face life in prison.

What may have lead to this gruesome crime is still unknown to investigators. However, what is known is that the couple had been married since 2009, but is in the process of getting a divorce.  There are speculations that motives for the crime could be an argument over houseguests or an inappropriate relationship by the husband.

I don’t know what the husband did to “deserve it”, but I’m sure every guy can agree with me that no one deserves to get poisoned and then have their penis cut off. In my opinion this is one of the worst things, if not, the worst thing you can do to a guy. The fact Catherine Kieu Becker can even think of something like this is just sickening and proves there’s something wrong with her mentally.

Many people on the internet have made references to the Lorena Bobbit case, but there are differences that people are overlooking. The only similarity between the Bobbit and Kieu incident is that the wife severed the penis of the husband and then called the police. The big difference is that there was evidence of domestic abuse in the Bobbit case and many people felt a great deal of sympathy for Lorena. Another difference is that Lorena didn’t plan any of her actions on the night of the incident. Kieu on the other hand purposely poisoned her husband’s dinner, and tied him to the bed with the intention of severing his penis.

Whether there is any evidence of domestic abuse or if she will be found not guilty remains to be seen, because much of the details regarding this case have not come to light. How this will turn out will interest many people, and hopefully justice can be served.

Mila Kunis says Yes!

Sgt. Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, is a lucky man. Last week, he set up a YouTube page and posted a video (see above) asking Mila Kunis, star of the new comedy “Friends with Benefits”, to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina. Below is Mila’s response.

I think it was a very classy move for Mila to agree to the Sergeant’s request. For her to agree as well as taking time out of her busy schedule shows how good of a person she really is. She could’ve easily said no to him or ignored any question related to this subject, she didn’t. Since she’s already famous I can’t imagine her going through with this for more publicity, although the producers of “Friends with Benefits” are not going to complain about all this attention. This was a nice moment in the news where for a second we didn’t have to think about how bad the economy is or any other sad story. Scott Moore’s success is inspiring and should give hope to any guy who desires a date with a beautiful woman. All it takes is some courage, a buddy to film you, posting that video on YouTube, and the kindness and support from strangers.

Seeing the success of Sgt. Scott Moore, I wonder if more military personnel will make YouTube videos asking out their favorite celebrity? Or whether the new trend will be guys posting videos online asking out their favorite celebrity? Like this video below.

Please share your thoughts on this topic.

Worst Way to Ask Out a Celebrity

Strong Reactions to the Casey Anthony Verdict

The Casey Anthony trial has captured the national spotlight. Many people have been following this trial closely, if not more, than the OJ Simpson case. On Tuesday she was acquitted of murder and this has generated strong reactions from social media sites. It seems like everybody has an opinion on this case, rather than share my own thoughts, I have taken the time to compile some reactions  from the internet.

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts on this trial. Also, do you think the strong reactions against this verdict is justified?


Red Nation

China recently celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1st. Before the anniversary, many citizens participated in public celebrations by singing the “Red Songs” of Mao’s era. The purpose of singing red songs today is to show patriotism, promote culture, and give thanks to the communist party. The irony is that red songs are about revolution and violence. It is not meant to promote social stability as the Chinese government is currently doing. This revival has brought back memories for many Chinese who lived through Mao’s era. Many can remember the joy they experienced when China became a unified country under Mao’s leadership while others have painful memories of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. China has certainly come a long way from being a third world country to the second largest economy in the world. Regardless of your political beliefs or how you feel about China, this is a very impressive accomplishment and the Chinese people should be proud of their country. How the revival of red songs will impact China going forward is still a mystery, but it’s something worth paying attention to.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

For those interested, some popular red songs below.

The East is Red

Without the Communist Party There Would be No New China

What is the value of your college experience?

This was an article that I wrote during my senior year of college, and it was published on the Babson Free Press website. I have made minor edits and added a few more anecdote on this piece than the original. I am sharing this on my blog because I haven’t finished writing any new entries yet. I figured this Fourth of July weekend would be a good opportunity to finish writing any new post. It’s unbelievably hard to find the time to write new materials and I don’t know how other bloggers do it.

Anyways, this article means a lot to me, mainly because I get to share my personal story and reflect on my college experience. This is by far the most personal piece of work that I published and I’m very proud of this. Looking back on my college experience, I’m grateful for not just the lessons in the classroom but the life lessons I gained as well (comment inspired by Lashonda’s Blog). I hope when people read this, they can reminisce about their college experience and any important lessons they learned along the way. Please take the time to read this and let me know what you think.


What is the Value of Your College Experience?

The common consensus is that education is the path to financial success; you hear it in movies and see it in commercials. The message is simple, “stay in school.” The conventional view of a college education is that if you go through the process you are less likely to be headed down the wrong path, and the reward is a well paid position with a fancy title.

Is there more to higher education than obtaining a job and eventually making tons of money? Yes, because what the conventional view fails to take into consideration is that education is empowering and can be rewarding in a non-monetary way.

Growing up in a traditional Chinese household, I was always lectured about the importance of doing well in school. Ever since I was a kid I was taught about the conventional view of college, and dreamed of one day being a big shot businessman. To reach that dream, getting into a good college was the first step.

During the college selection process I chose schools based on rank and the average starting salary post graduation. At the time, I only saw financial benefits in obtaining a college degree. The numbers don’t lie either, and according to Liz Pulliam Weston, Is Your Degree Worth $1 Million or Worthless, the average holder of a bachelor degree earns about $51,000 a year. Also during this period in my life, I was working at a restaurant busing tables and never making more than $13 an hour. I was being bossed around by waitresses and managers with four year liberal arts degrees, and it was painfully obvious to choose a business school with a high starting salary post graduation. Otherwise I could end up in that restaurant for the rest of my life, and that was the last thing I wanted for myself.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Babson College, one of the best business schools in the nation, and thought I was one step closer to being a big shot businessman. Even though I enjoyed the subject of history in high school and did well in the classes, I could never pursue this in college because that’s not where the money is. When I got accepted into Babson, and didn’t get any financial aid,  my mom decided to pay for everything from the savings of her retirement account. She made a big investment in me and it would have been too selfish to not consider what she wants from my education.

After years of taking classes I didn’t enjoy, I was getting bad grades and unhappy with everything.  I was unhappy because in the back of my mind I always thought about the huge sacrifice my mom has made, and how I was disappointing her with my mediocre grades. Not to mention the fact I was hurting my chances of landing a good job for the future. Eventually I come to realize that people go to college for the experience, to pursue their passions, or discover new ones. Those who graduate are supposed to leave with a better understanding of themselves and those around them, and have the skills that can make a positive contribution in the workforce.

Mei Zhen Lee, junior at Babson says, “I always knew I’m passionate about math and want to learn more at Babson. I noticed friends who are choosing their concentration based on money. A lot of people have switched into accounting, because it pays well and they are likely to find a job after graduation. I just see something wrong with that.”

It disheartens me to think that people are only learning for a better pay check, because education is liberating. You have the power to choose what you want to learn and develop the ability to think for yourself. This is powerful, because having thoughts, beliefs, and opinions makes you an individual. One person that realized this truth is Frederick Douglass.

Douglass, a famous abolitionist, once said: “Education is power.” He further stated that, “To educate a man is to unfit him to be a slave.” Douglass was born into slavery in 1818; this was an era where it was against the law to educate slaves. Denying education was a way for slave owners to keep control of their property, and any slave caught trying to learn would be killed or severely beaten. Douglass was taught the alphabet by a mistress of his owner, and when his lessons were cut short he took it upon himself to further his learning. Eventually Douglass became an avid reader; and used his knowledge to become an important anti-slavery speaker. His influence was instrumental in ending slavery. Therefore, education’s true power is freedom from oppression.

If everyone attends college for financial reasons, then they are controlled by the pursuit of money. These people deny themselves a golden opportunity to learn and prevent themselves from discovering their true potential. So will you be like the old me and go through the education process by taking countless classes for financial reasons? Or will you be like Douglass and take control of your education, immerse yourself in a wide variety of subjects until you discover your true passion? The choice is yours.

Is this Marriage wrong?

There are few things in this world that truly shocks me. Last week it was reported that 51 year old actor Doug Hutchinson wed 16 year old Courtney Alexis Stodden in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hutchinson is best known for playing the characters Percy Wetmore in the “Green Mile” and Horace Godspeed in “Lost”.  Courtney Alexis Stodden is an aspiring country singer and model, some of her work can be seen on youtube.

It’s really easy for me to comment on the age difference of this relationship and bash the legitimacy of the marriage. It’s even easier for me to question Courtney’s parent’s decision in giving their 16 year old consent to marry. However, as a loyal fan of Lost, I’m not going to do any of that. If this couple is truly in love than we as a society shouldn’t be cynical and wish them happiness going forward.

My only question regarding this topic is when did they start dating? I haven’t found an answer yet, and if anyone knows please share. Because the traditional view is that marriage happens after a long courtship. This means, if they have been dating for 2 years, the relationship began when Courtney was 14 and Doug was 49. I’m hoping the couple did not date for more than 2 years otherwise it’s going to be very hard to support this marriage going forward. Than again, Hugh Hefner almost married Crystal Harris. He is 85 and she is 25, there’s a 60 years difference in age! Right now there’s sympathy for Hef being dumped, but where’s the outrage from the general public about him wanting to marry someone so young?

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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