Red Nation

China recently celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1st. Before the anniversary, many citizens participated in public celebrations by singing the “Red Songs” of Mao’s era. The purpose of singing red songs today is to show patriotism, promote culture, and give thanks to the communist party. The irony is that red songs are about revolution and violence. It is not meant to promote social stability as the Chinese government is currently doing. This revival has brought back memories for many Chinese who lived through Mao’s era. Many can remember the joy they experienced when China became a unified country under Mao’s leadership while others have painful memories of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. China has certainly come a long way from being a third world country to the second largest economy in the world. Regardless of your political beliefs or how you feel about China, this is a very impressive accomplishment and the Chinese people should be proud of their country. How the revival of red songs will impact China going forward is still a mystery, but it’s something worth paying attention to.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

For those interested, some popular red songs below.

The East is Red

Without the Communist Party There Would be No New China


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